The Last Post……….until the next one

Tis the last evening I will spend here in this place, but fret not for I will come again after the summer breeze………..”yeah”, I’m goin to be back after summer.

Today I made one thing and printed three things, one was the poster I made thursday and the other was a mousepad I made awhile back the, the last one were business cards I made for this summer.

Since this is the last day I’ll be here, here is a great cacophony of goodbyes in various languages; goodbye, adiós, arrivederci, au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, vale, Do widzenia, Ανtio, Tot ziens, Hyvasti, Viszlát. See you after the summer!
mars MH3pad mowcard



Today I finished my wall poster and got it printed. I also finished two other posters one for my brother the other since I will start mowing peoples yards this summer so it is like an advertisement.
alterego Add mars


Today I presented my guest blog post to the rest of the class, hope everyone enjoyed it. Other than that I just worked with my Wall Poster and did some things of my own. I’ll be in at 8:50 tomorrow for the Awards Assembly. See you then.


Today I wrote the letter that had to include why I took this class, expectations I had, what I liked and disliked, and future plans.

I also worked on my wall poster today, here’s what I think I’ll go for.


Today I worked on my wall poster. I come up with an idea but then another comes up ‘ayeyeya’. Buenos dia y Hasta Mañana!


Today I had Career Center where I did some things about bank accounts and all that good stuff. I’m still working on my End year poster, I’ll get there……eventually.

Guest Blog Post

Over this year that I have been in this class I have learned something that has made working in Photoshop and Illustrator a cinch, Shortcuts. Shortcuts, for me, helped work go smoother and faster when doing a long project.

The Command + Z Short Cut. This is the shortcut to undo things in Illustrator and Photoshop. When I work in Illustrator and Photoshop I usually make a few mistakes before I get it right so this shortcut is helpful for getting things right. In Photoshop it is actually Command + Z + Option to undo more than once. There are also other shortcuts I use a lot like Command + T for Free Transform and the Letter shortcuts for the tools like V for the move tool and B for the brush tool.

I also liked learning about how to use the Mac computers and the hardware that it uses like the mouse and the drawing tablet, even though I don’t draw.


Today I worked on my Guest Blog Post and my End of Year Project. I didn’t finish either of them I will probably be working on them all week.